Prince William County Department of Economic Development and Tourism  joined George Mason University faculty and partners at the newly established Nanofabrication Facility (NFF) in Manassas. Spanning 1,946 square feet, the new facility represents a $3.75 million capital investment and includes funding from GO Virginia and a $50,000 Economic Development Opportunity Fund (EDOF) grant from Prince William County.


Nanofabrication, the process of producing nano-sized structures, underpins the development of cutting-edge products such as sensors, chips, and satellites. Its applications extend to the realm of healthcare, facilitating advancements in medical diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. This technology intersects with diverse fields such as biotechnology and semiconductors, underscoring its significance in fueling economic progress and technological innovation.

As Northern Virginia’s only nanofabrication facility, the NFF signifies a pivotal stride in fostering economic development by offering specialized research environments. The NFF will serve as a cornerstone for advancing high-tech industries, providing essential infrastructure and hands-on training for various levels of workforce.

By cultivating the expertise needed to drive innovation, the NFF can propel the growth of various sectors reliant on nanotechnology.

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